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Frank Lee Knox

Frank Knox photo

Frank Lee Knox has come to stay with us at Caring House, and we are honored to have him.

Frank was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1952. He was sixth in a family of 10 children, eight boys and two girls. Growing up with his older Grand Aunt Willie and John Sime, he attended Powell Middle School, Brinkley High School, and Toullou Community College to pursue a liberal arts degree. His family had lots of pets, including dogs and chickens, which is why Frank has always loved animals.

Growing up close to a local fishing area, Frank and his uncle would dig up bait and sell it to the locals for pocket money. He would spend his days fishing, and playing in the neighborhood and his family’s garden.

Frank would spend summers with his mom and younger siblings in Los Angeles. It was kind of a culture shock from suburban Jackson, Mississippi.

Frank worked at a temp agency that placed him as grounds keeper for the Goodyear blimp. He would work his way up to maintenance airman, going up and down the coast from Los Angeles to Canada.

Frank retired from USC Medical Center. He worked as a custodian and maintenance man for 22 years. During that time, he witnessed all manner of medical miracles and achievements. Hospitals are places where tremendous joy and heart breaking sadness occur simultaneously everyday. Custodians are an integral part of health and safety. Making sure areas are sterile is arguably the most important part of generating a environment conducive to maintaining good health.

Frank is the favorite uncle to his legions of nieces and nephews. They always know that when they want to talk about their lives they will find a non-judgmental and caring opinion in their Uncle Frank.

Recently, Frank threw a dinner party (complete with limousine transportation) for 11 of his 13 nieces. The other two nieces work as nurses out of state, so they couldn’t be in attendance. This was the way Frank told them of his diagnosis. He wanted to blunt the pain that this information would create.

Frank has one son, Christopher, and two step children, Byron Wes and Kashika Cabbie, from his marriage in 1994 at the age of 42. Pops, as he was called, loves being a Dad.

Frank’s priority in life is family. The caring and trust he places in those he loves, and their caring and trust in him makes his life complete. It’s this peace of mind that has sustained him during the riggers of chemotherapy throughout this past year.

He is a friendly, decent and honest man, and we are very happy to have him here at Caring House.

As-salamu alaykum.

In Memoriam

Frank passed away on August 21, 2021. Honor him. Remember him.

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