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Videos & Virtual Tour

Yes! We have videos! Click below to go to our YouTube Channel, or scroll a little further down to see an introduction to, and virtual tour of, Caring House.

Photo of front of Caring House showing a driveway, garage, and three employees.

In this virtual tour of Caring House, you drop in from the sky to our neighborhood and our home, the rooms, residents, staff and volunteers. [Please note: This video was created before the pandemic began.]

Thank you to Carey Fujita of Aerial Media for creating and donating this wonderful first-ever video tour of Caring House.

Below, in one minute, you’ll get a sense of how we help our residents and families, and you’ll truly understand why Caring House is so special.

Thank you to Tim Branning of Topic Productions, Inc. for creating this video for us. Note that the content in this video was created before the coronavirus pandemic, and Lisa Jennings featured in the video is the daughter of one of our past residents

In this video, family members of past Caring House residents share their thoughts about the Caring House experience. Residents and families are the “stars” of our work. We’re proud to be part improving the end-of-life experience in our community.

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