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Naming Opportunities

Have a special person or organization you’d like to honor? Honor them at Caring House.

The name of the person or organization will be displayed at an appropriate Caring House location.

A placard that states the living room has been dedicated to Jimi and Andy Andersen

Category                 Description             Available?                        Donation

Major Rooms      Resident Bedroom       Yes                                  $100,000

Major Rooms      Resident Bedroom       Yes                                  $100,000

Major Rooms     Resident Bedroom        Yes                                  $100,000

Major Rooms     Resident Bedroom        Yes                                  $100,000

Major Rooms     Dining and Sitting AreaYes                                 $100,000

Major Rooms     Staff Workroom              Yes                                 $100,000

Major Rooms     Resident Bedroom         Taken                           $100,000

Major Rooms      Kitchen                             Taken                           $100,000

Major Rooms     Living Room                     Taken                          $100,000

Major Rooms    Conference Room            Taken                          $100,000

Major Rooms    Multi-purpose garage    Taken                           $100,000

Other Spaces   Resident BathroomFront  Yes                               $50,000

Other Spaces   Resident BathroomCenter Yes                             $50,000

Other Spaces   Powder Room                     Yes                               $50,000

Other Spaces   Staff Work StationFront    Yes                              $50,000

Other Spaces   Staff Work StationBack    Yes                              $50,000

Donor Recognition: Modern, easily updated, donor recognition wall and signage. $25,000

Safety System Fire: sprinklers, hardwired fire, smoke and CO alarms, strobe alarms, security video and perimeter alarms. $25,000

Computer and Communication: New computers to track resident needs, medications and information and manage Caring House operations; and telephone system. $20,000

Heating and Air Conditioning: Replace existing heating system; make ready for air conditioning. $20,000

Water and Sewer: Replace hot water system with recirculating tankless; update and add to water and sewer systems, inside and out. $15,000


Electrical Update: all electrical systems to handle expanded equipment load; improve lighting. Done! $15,000. Thank you!

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