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Juana "Dora" Cajahuanca

Juana Cajahuenga photo

Juana “Dora” Cajahuanca came to stay with us at Caring House, and we were honored to welcome her and her family.

Born in Asunción, Paraguay and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dora was the fourth child and she loved to spend time with her brothers. She learned to both cook and sew, and she became an amazing seamstress at a very young age.

Dora’s family relocated to Los Angeles, and she lived there for 56 years. Dora met her husband Severo through a mutual friend in Los Angeles. They dated for one year before marrying, and they always loved each other very much.

Family was very important to Dora, and her family said she was an amazing wife, mother and grandmother. She was a stay at home mom to her daughter, Monica, and her family grew when Monica married her husband Mario Pavlovic. She then became the proud grandmother to Luka and Mateo.

Dora also loved to travel, including journeys to Buenos Aires and Croatia. She also enjoyed traveling closer to home with trips up to Solvang.

But Dora was best known for always putting others first. The hallmark of any devoted mother, she loved everyone in an innately selfless and caring way. She is adored by everyone who was lucky enough to know her… that includes everyone at Caring House.

In Memoriam

Dora passed away on September 2, 2021. Honor her. Remember her.

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