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Adelaida "Aida" Mangual

Photo of Aida Mangual

Adelaida “Aida” Mangual has come to stay with us at Caring House, and we are honored to welcome her and her family.

Aida was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on September 25, 1926. She met and married her husband Juan in Puerto Rico, and then they relocated to Manhattan, New York. It was there that she raised her three children – daughter Aida, and sons Louis and the late Juan, Jr.

Having been orphaned at an early age, it was extremely important to Aida to always be there for her children. She was a stay at home mom, and when her children went to school, she went to work at a military uniform shop in New York. She and Juan relocated their family to Los Angeles about 35 years ago.

Despite having a limited education, Aida was extremely bright and wise beyond her years. She enjoyed the warm weather, shopping at the mall and decorating her home. One of her favorite places was the Flower Mart in Downtown LA, and she would also go to Chinatown to buy a live chicken to make fresh soup. She loved to cook Puerto Rican food and feed everyone in sight. She also loved music, dancing and sewing. One thing we certainly learned during her time at Caring House: she loves Dasani water – she won’t drink anything else!

She has been a lovely and beautiful addition to Caring House, as has her family. In addition to her children, her family includes three grandchildren and twin great-grandchildren, all of whom she loves dearly. They make her day every day.

In Memoriam

Aida passed away on September 17, 2021. Honor her. Remember her.

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